Hand Dances

Many of the dances that have been popular over the past decades have been effective ways to activate both sides of the brain. I’m sure you can add a few to this list!

Batman -Spread index and tall finger on your right hand to make a “V.” Sweep the “V” over your eyes (like a mask) from left to right. Then make a “V” with your left hand and sweep it over your eyes from right to left.

Hitchhike -Stick up your thumb as if “hitching” a ride. Wiggle your right thumb from left to right in front of your body. Then wiggle your left thumb from right to left in front of your body.

Swim -Stretch right arm in back of you and bring up in front in a circular motion crossing over the left side of the body. Make a similar movement with the left arm as if swimming.

Monkey -Extend fists in front of your body and pretend to climb a vine with right hand up in the air on the left side of the body; then left hand up over the right side of the body.