Funky Chicken - Put hands under armpits to make wings. Bounce up and down as you stand on your right foot and flap your wings twice. Then stand on your left foot and flap your wings twice.

Egyptian - Right hand by eyes pointing right with left hand pointing behind back. Stand on right foot, bend left knee and stretch slightly forward. Reverse and put left hand by eyes as you look left. Right hand behind you as you stand on your left leg.

Jerk - Point right foot. Extend left hand and jerk (shake) in the air. Point left foot and extend right hand in the air and jerk.

Twist - Bend elbows and move back and forth in front of you as you twist your body at the waist.

Hand Jive - Here is a pattern you can do with your hands. Slap hands on thighs twice. Clap hands twice. Shuffle right palm over left twice. Shuffle left palm over right twice. Make fists with fingers and thump right fist on top of left fist twice. Then thump left fist on top of right fist twice. Stick out thumb on right hand and move over right shoulder as if hitchhiking. Stick out thumb on left hand and hitchhike behind left shoulder. Continue repeating this pattern. (There are many variations, or you can make up your own.)

Patty Cake - Children stand and face a partner. Children clap and then touch right hands together. Clap and touch left hands together. Do this to music, jump rope rhymes, or nursery rhymes.