More, More, More!

Cross and Tap - This is another partner activity that activates both sides of the brain. Children stand and face a partner as they hold out both hands. First child taps their right hand to their partner’s right hand as they count “one.” They tap their left hand to their partner’s as they say “two.” The second child then taps and says, “three-four.” The first child then says “five-six” and so on.

Hint! Say the alphabet, skip count, spell out words, and reinforce other skills with cross and tap.

Double X Shake -Children shake hands with their right hand as they also cross over and shake with their left hands. Their arms should form an “X” as they do this.

Wiggle Wiggle - Children extend their arms with their palms up. Cross over palms and clasp fingers. Bring clasped fingers up and in toward the body. Challenge them to look at a finger and try to move it. Takes some “brain power”, doesn’t it?

Hint! Let children do this with a partner. One child double crosses palms while the other child points at various fingers to be moved. Remind them not to touch the finger. Just point to it!

Balance - Have children balance on one foot for as long as they can. (Watch the second hand.) How long can they balance on the other foot?