By Dr. Holly

     March is a month
     That changes its mind.
     It’s naughty, then nice,
     Cruel and then kind.

     Some days are warm
     And others are chilly.
     It might rain or snow-
     It’s really quite silly!

     The wind blows so hard
     It sounds like a lion.
     It tickles your nose
     And sets your hair flyin’.

     Then there are days
     When March turns on its charm,
     It’s soft as a lamb,
     All gentle and warm.

     The last month of winter?
     The first month of spring?
     You just never know
     What March will bring!

Activities: Keep a graph of “lion” and “lamb” days throughout the month. Or, let children keep individual “weather journals” each day.

     By Dr. Holly

     Green grass,
     Green trees,
     Green pickles,
     Green peas.

     Green grows
     And green makes
     Green lizards,
     Green snakes.

     Green leaves
     Pop out in the spring;
     Green is such
     A lovely thing!

Activities: Ask children what they would be if they were green. Brainstorm how many things are green.

Let children write similar poems about colors.

          Color               Purple

         Color object.      Purple grapes.
         Color object.      Purple popsicles.
         Color object.      Purple flowers.
         Color object.      Purple shirts.
         I like color.         I like purple.

How about a “green” snack? Give each child a small cup of vanilla yogurt. Add a drop of blue food coloring and a drop of yellow to each cup. What happens when they stir it up? Eat and enjoy!

         Five Little Kites

         Five little kites flying up in the sky
         Said, “Hi!” to the birds as they flew by.
         Said, “Hi!” to the planes
         And, “Hi!” to the sun.
         Said, “Hi!” to clouds.
         Oh, what fun!
         Then swish went the wind,
         And they all took a dive.
         One, two, three, four, five!

Activities: Make kites out of plastic grocery bags. They are so cool to fly on a windy day!