Read and Rhyme ~ Letter Time!

Encourage children to make "print connections" by making some of these alphabet books for your classroom.

Environmental Print ABC's - Take 26 large sheets of paper (12" x 16") and write a different letter on each page. Put the pages between construction paper to make a book called "I Can Read My ABC's." Hole punch and bind with book rings. Invite children to bring in words from food labels, stores, catalogs, etc. that they can read. As children bring in their words, help them match up the first letter with the same letter in the book and glue their word on that page. When your book is finished, ask children to find different words they can read.

Environmental Print

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I Spy Alphabet Book - Give each child a sheet of paper and ask them to write all the letters they can. Take their papers and bind with book rings. Make a front and back cover that says "I Spy Letters!" Select one letter on each page and write, "I spy __!" Give children a magnifying glass (pipe cleaner twisted into a circle) or bubble wand to find and frame the letter.

*You can make a similar book by running off a sheet of paper with all the letters scrambled up on it. Write a different letter on each page for the children to find.

Can you find the letter?

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Magnetic Letter Match - Up - Place magnetic letters on a copy machine and copy to make shadows of letters. Glue a different letter to the top of each page. Have children draw pictures of something that begins with the letter on each page. Bind together to make a book. Have children take magnetic letters and match them up to the outline on each page.

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