La-La-La-La- Part III -

Sing and Sign - Teach children manual signs for letters. Use this song to reinforce the concept.

Folder with Signing Symbols

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(Tune: "Where Is Thumbkin?")
    Where is A?                     Where is A? (Children repeat.)
    Here I am!                       (Hold up the manual sign for A.)
    Here I am!                       (Children repeat and copy sign.)
    What do you say A?      What do you say A?
    /a/ /a/ /a/                   /a/ /a/ /a/

Make visuals similar to the one shown by enlarging manual signs. You can also cut hands out of felt and glue them to make the hand signs. Pass these out for the children to hold up at the appropriate place in the song.

Plates and Signs
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In My Mouth - You can sing this song to the tune of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." Make the manual signs for the letters as you sing.
I've got the whole alphabet in my mouth.
I've got the whole alphabet in my mouth.
I've got the whole alphabet in my mouth,
And I can read!

I've got "A" - /a/ /a/ in my mouth.
I've got "B" - /b/ /b/ in my mouth.
I've got "C" - /c/ /c/ in my mouth,
And I can read!

Continue singing about each letter as you make the sound. End with, "I've got all the letters in my mouth and I'm ready to read!"

Cheer Letters - Give me an "A." Children respond by saying, "A," as they make the manual sign.

Hint! Glue magnetic letters to craft sticks and pass them out to the class. Each child holds up their letter as you cheer it.

Letter Office - Tape two file folders together. Let children decorate the outside and then glue a copy of the alphabet letters on the inside. Children can point to the letters as you sing alphabet songs. You could also play "I Spy" with letter offices. Can you find the letter X? Can you find the letter that you hear at the beginning of "hop"? Can you find the letters in your name? What letter comes between G and I? Download a set of letters here. (Adobe Acrobat - 16 KB, a really small file)

Letter Office
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Hint! This would be a great project to make at school and send home with activities children can do with their parents.

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