Letter Exercising -

Phonercise - Put your hands in the air and say a letter. Touch your waist and make the sound. Touch the ground and say a word that begins with that sound. For example:

     "a"           Hands in the air.
      /a/          Hands on waist.
      ant           Touch the ground.
      "b"           Hands in air.
      /b/          Hands on waist.
      bear        Touch the ground.

Letter Punch - Say letters and then punch hand over opposite side of the body as you make the sound.

      "a"      /a/      Punch right hand to the left.
      "b"      /b/      Punch left hand to the right.

March, Jump, Jive - March as you sing the traditional "Alphabet Song." Jump, tip toe, or make other movements as you say each letter. Do the "disco" by putting one hand on your hip and the index finger from the other hand in the air. Move your hand top to bottom across your body as you say the letters.

Vowels and Consonants - Say the letters of the alphabet by clapping on the consonants and jumping on the vowels. You could also whisper the consonants and shout out the vowels.

Body Letters - Challenge children to make different letters with their bodies. Can you make a "T"? Can you make the letter that you hear at the beginning of "yellow"?

Air Writing - Write letters in the air using the index finger and middle finger. Keep your elbow stiff.

Note! The teacher will need to reverse the movements or turn around while demonstrating in front of the class.

Body Writing - Use elbows, tongues, noses, feet, belly buttons and other body parts to write letters in the air.

Palm Writing - Have children write letters on their "palm pilot" by holding up one palm and tracing letters with the index finger from the other hand.

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