Alphabet Art Book -

Write large letters of the alphabet on paper. Give each child a letter and challenge them to create a picture around their letter. "What does your letter look like? Does it remind you of something? Can you use your crayons to turn it into that object? Try to ‘camouflage' it so no one knows what your letter is." Put their drawings together to make a book. Can they find the letter hidden in each picture?


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Hint! Give each child the letter that their name begins with.

Challenge older children to turn their letter into an object that begins with the sound their letter makes.

Touch and Tell - Make a tactile alphabet book by cutting letters out of sandpaper, colorful felt, or fun foam. You can also write letters with glue, and then sprinkle with glitter, colored sand, grits, or other sensory materials.

Textured Letters

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Photo Sheets - Write letters on photo sheets with a marker. Children roll play dough and place it on top to make the letter. You can also make letters with dots. Children can connect the dots with Wikki Sticks or an erasable marker.

Phot Sheets
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Hint! Check out, April, 2003, monthly activities for play dough recipes.

Holiday, Seasons, Themes - Make alphabet books for different holidays, seasons, or themes. For example, in December, you might make a book of "Toys from A - Z." In February you could make a book titled "Things We Love from A - Z." In April, you might want to do "A Springtime Alphabet Book."

"Now you've learned your ABC's.
Learning to read is FUN you see!"

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