La - La - La - La Letters!

Traditional Forward and Backwards - Sing the traditional "Alphabet Song" slowly as you point to the letters on your alphabet. Can you sing it backwards? End the backwards version by singing, "Now I've said my Z Y X's. Bet that's not what you expected!"

100 Bottles of Pop - Sing letters to the tune of "100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall." Cross and tap right hand to left knee and left hand to right knee to the beat.
                      A B C D E F G
                      H I J K L
                      M N O P
                      Q R S
                      T U V W
                      X Y Z

If Your Name Begins with… Use this song to develop listening skills and letter recognition. Make up verses similar to the ones below to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It." If your name begins with A, clap your hands. If your name begins with B, stomp your feet. If your name begins with C, nod your head. If your name begins with D, wiggle around.

"I've Been Working on the Railroad," "Braham's Lullabye," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and many other familiar tunes can be used to sing the alphabet! What fun you will have discovering the one that your class likes best! Hint! Let children point to letters on your classroom alphabet as you sing the songs. (This is a finger puppet attached to the end of a cardboard roller from a pants hanger.)

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Alphabet Farm - Replace animals with letters in "Old MacDonald's Farm." For example:

       Mrs. MacDonald had an alphabet,
       She loved letters so.
       And in her alphabet there was an H.
       And it would always go.
       /h/ /h/ here,
      And a /h/ /h/ there.
      Here a /h/, there a /h/.
      Everywhere a /h/ /h/.
      Mrs. MacDonald had an H.
      She loved letters so.

Continue using other letters and sounds in the song.

Hint! Replace "Mrs. MacDonald" with the teacher's name.

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