Letter Limericks - Download a book of "Letter Limericks" for your classroom. Put dots of glue on the letters so the children can trace them as you read the rhymes. After reading the rhymes several times, let each child choose a letter and illustrate it. There is also a mini version so each child can have her own copy to take home. Click for large book in Adobe Reader format. Click for small book in Word format.

Letter Limericks

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The first is a letter called A
For apples and airplanes, away!
Two lines point up top,
To the bottom they drop,
And another crosses the way.

Letter A

The second letter is B
For baseball, baby, and beach.
Straight line down the side,
Two humps on the right-
It looks like a fat bumble bee!

After B comes C:
Cookies, carrots, and cheese!
Like a smile big and wide
Turned on its side -
It's easy to make C, you see!

Letter C

D is a letter that's plump.
Like a tummy with one round hump
A long line straight down,
Then go out and around
or dance, dig, dip dodge, and dump!

After D comes E.
It's shaped like a comb with three teeth.
One line down the side,
Three more to the right
For echoes, ears, eyeballs and eat!

F is the next letter to name.
It can bring with it fortune and fame.
Like E in design
Without the bottom line,
But it gets along fine all the same!

After F comes G, Which is curvy and round just like C. When you reach the end stop Put a straight line across, And your G will giggle with glee!

H is a letter with pride.
It has two long straight lines side by side.
Then hip, hop, and higgle,
Put another ‘cross the middle
And your H will have nothing to hide!

I comes after that,
Eating ice cream, and yet it's not fat.
With one line stretched down
One straight on the ground
And one on top—a flat hat!

Now jump, joke, and juggle— it's J
With lines both curvy and straight.
The curve starts up top
Then like a hook drops
And the straight line juts over the way!

The letter K has quite a kick
With a spine as straight as a stick
From the middle about
Two arms reach out
For kangaroos, kindness, and kids!

After K comes L.
It's a letter with lots to tell.
One line heads straight down,
One lies on the ground,
Like a chair with no legs—how swell!

M is a letter with size,
Like two mountains side by side.
Two straight lines on the end
Two others point in
Making moms, milk, and messes—oh, my!

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