January 2009



41) Tower Topple

Every child will need one block from the block center for this game. The first child places her block on the floor. The second child places his block on top of the first block. The game continues as each child adds her block to the tower. When the “tower topples,” children get a block and the game begins all over again.

Hint! Have children count the blocks and see if they can beat their previous record.

42) Charades

Children will have fun “performing” and “stumping” their classmates with this game. One child at a time gets up in front of the room. The child acts out a nursery rhyme as her friends try and guess which one it might be. The first child to guess correctly gets to act out the next rhyme. (You might need to suggest rhymes to younger children.)

Hint! Children could also act out book titles, songs, feelings, animals, or other categories. *Children can make sounds or simply pantomime.

“Statues” is a similar game where children work in groups and freeze in position to symbolize a book, song, or other event.

          Guess Who I am?

43) Pepper Scatter

Materials: clear bowl pepper liquid detergent

Directions: Fill the bowl with water. Sprinkle the pepper on top. Squirt a drop of detergent in the middle of the bowl. Observe what the pepper does. What makes the pepper scatter?

Adaptations: Do a similar experiment by putting the end of a bar of soap in the bowl with pepper.

44) Shiny Pennies

Materials: old pennies, vinegar, salt, cup, and spoon

Directions: Put 1/2 cup of vinegar in the cup. Add 1 TB salt and mix to dissolve. Drop the pennies in the cup and stir them around while you count to 25. Take the pennies out of the cup and rinse them off in water. Taaa Daaa! Shiny pennies just like magic!

Adaptations: Put this experiment in a learning center so children can repeat it. Try shining pennies with ketchup or lemon juice.

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