January 2009


5) Let’s Have a Paper Plate Party!

Materials: paper plates, music

Directions: Put on some music and here we go! *Clap the plates like cymbals. *Shuffle them to the beat. *Tap on the hips, shoulders, and other body parts. *Clap high, low, in front of you, behind. *Play “follow the leader” as you take turns doing movements with the plates. *Place the paper plates on the floor. Put one foot on each plate and slide feet and skate. Can you skate backwards? Can you balance on one foot?

Hint! Decorate plates with markers or crayons.

6) Magic Wand

Materials: aluminum foil cardboard roller from a pants hanger glue, glitter, tape

Directions: Take a sheet of foil and lay it diagonally on the table. Place the cardboard roller on one point and slowly roll it in the foil towards the opposite point. Tape the end of the foil and trim the ends. Dip one end of the wand in glue, then roll it in glitter. Taa daa! Children can use their wands to make a wish.

Magic Wand

7) Cardboard Rollers

Materials: cardboard rollers from paper towel rolls, music

Directions: *Give children two rollers to use like drumsticks. Play some music and keep the beat on the floor or table. *Tap them like lummi sticks with a friend. *Use the cardboard roller like a spy glass. Do you see something blue? Can you find a square?

Cardboard Rollers

Hint! Let children decorate paper towel rolls with markers or crayons. They can “roll up” their papers and insert them in the paper towel tote to carry them home!

8) Magazine Puppets

Materials: magazines, newspaper, scissors, straws, stapler or tape

Directions: Cut sports figures and other famous people out of newspapers or magazines. Staple or tape to a straw to make a puppet. What would your puppet say if it could talk?

Magazine Puppets

Hint! Children can also cut people that look like family members from catalogs to make puppets. Cut out children’s photos and tape to a craft stick to make “personal puppets.”

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