January 2009




37) Tents - Let’s Go Camping!

Card Table Tent - Drape a blanket over a card table or picnic table. Spread a sleeping bag on the ground for a cozy retreat.

Porch Railing Tent - Pin one end of a blanket to the railing of a deck or porch. Pull out the opposite end and secure at an angle with bricks or rocks. This is a "cool" place to play a game or read a book.

Cardboard Castle - An appliance box or other large box can be a "castle" to a child. Cut out doors and a window with a utility knife. (An adult will need to do this!) Let the children decorate with paints, markers, or crayons.

Hint! You can make these tents outside or inside

38) Step School

You will need a small pebble or toy to play this game, as well as some stairs. The children sit on the bottom step, which is "kindergarten." One child, who is "the teacher" stands on the ground and faces the others. "The teacher" takes the pebble, puts it behind her back, then hides the pebble in one of her hands. "The teacher" then brings forward both fists. The first child on the step chooses a hand. If he selects the hand with the pebble, then he may move up a stair to "first grade." If he selects the empty hand, then he continues to sit in "kindergarten." "The teacher" continues hiding the pebble and allows other members in the game to select the hand with the pebble. The game continues until a child reaches the top step. That child then becomes the next "teacher."

39) Going On A Trip

The first player begins by saying, “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking names an object.” Second player says, “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking names first object and names a second object.” Next child says, “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking names first object, second object, and names a third object.” The game continues as each player tries to remember previous objects. When a player forgets, begin the game all over again.

Hint! Name objects in alphabetical order. For example, first person says something that begins with an A, second person names something that begins with a B, and so on. Change the game to “going on a picnic,” “going to the moon,” etc.

40) Penny ~ Penny

One person is “it.” “It” chooses three friends to leave the classroom. While the three are out of the room, “it” walks around the room and places a penny in one child’s hands. All the children cup their hands as if they are holding the penny. The three children are then called back in the classroom. The three walk around the room opening hands until one finds the penny and says, “Penny, penny, I found the penny!” That child then becomes “it” and the game continues.

Hint! Let children hide a seasonal toy, such as a bunny, pumpkin, etc.

Play a similar game by having one child leave the room as you hide a small object. Guide her to the object by saying “cold” when she is far away and “hot” as she gets closer to the object.

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