January 2009


9) Box Top Puzzles

Materials: empty cardboard food boxes, clasp envelope, scissors

Directions: Cut the fronts off the boxes. Cut into 2-10 puzzle pieces depending on the ability of the child. Store the pieces in a clasp envelope.

Box Top

Hint! If you have two like boxes, you can cut one into a puzzle and let the children match up the pieces on top of the other box. Introduce fractions with box tops. Cut one in half, one into fourths, one into eighths, etc.

10) Sewing Cards

Materials: empty cereal boxes, yarn or string, hole punch, tape

Directions: Cut the fronts off the boxes. Hole punch around the sides. Tie one end of the yarn to a hole in the box. Wrap tape around the other end to make a needle.


Hint! Cut a pipe cleaner in half and twist it around the yarn to make a needle. Sewing cards can also be made from paper plates or plastic place mats.

11) Wonder Watchers

Materials: cardboard roller from paper towels, tape, string, hole punch, markers

Directions: Cut the paper towel roll in half. Tape together. Punch a hole on the side of each roller. Tie on a piece of string so it can easily be slipped on and off the head. Let children decorate with markers. Look out the window or take a walk and look at all the wonders in world!

Wonder Watchers

Hint! You can also cover the ends of the rollers with colored cellophane.

12) Hummers

Materials: cardboard roller, wax paper, rubber band, markers

Directions: You will need a 5” section of a cardboard roller. Cut a 7” circle from the wax paper and wrap it around one end of the roller with the rubber band. Decorate with markers. Hold the open end to your mouth and hum.


Hint! Play “name that tune” as you hum while others try to guess your song.

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