January 2009



33) Juggling

Paper towels, 12” squares of net fabric, or soft balls can be used for juggling activities. Begin by throwing one object up in the air and catching it. Toss it from one hand to the other. Add a second object. Throw one up in the air as you toss the other to your hand in a circular motion.

34) Balance Beam

Put a piece of tape on the floor for children to walk on. Can they walk backwards? Can they hop on one foot? Hint! Make shapes, letters, or numbers with the tape on the floor. You can also make lines and curves for children to walk on with chalk on the sidewalk.

35) Follow the Leader

One person is chosen to be the leader. The rest of the class marches behind the leader and does just what the leader does. The leader can walk, hop, run, skip, wave her arms, go under something, slide down the slide, and so forth.

After several minutes another child is chosen to be the leader.

36) Jump The Creek

You will need two jump ropes or pieces of string to play this game. Place the ropes on the ground a few inches apart to make a “creek.” Have the children line up single file and try to jump over the creek one at a time without stepping on a rope. After every child has jumped, move the ropes a little farther apart to make the creek wider. Continue moving the ropes farther apart as children try to jump over them. When players can no longer jump over the rope, they must stand to the side of the game and be cheerleaders. The object of the game is to see how far the children can jump.

*Play this game by drawing lines in sand or dirt.

*Play “build the castle” by having two children hold a jump rope. Raise the rope a few inches at a time as children try to jump over it.


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