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Puppets Galore!

Here are some other puppets that children can construct out of simple materials. These puppets can be used to sing songs, retell stories, reinforce poems, or for holiday fun. They are a great way to engage children in a wide variety of learning activities.


Materials: wooden ice cream spoon, markers

Directions: Color a person or animal on the front of the spoon. Turn it over and draw the “back” of the character.

Adaptation: You can also use a plastic spoon, but you will need to use permanent markers.

Sppon Puppets


Materials: cardboard rollers, construction paper scraps, markers, scissors, glue

Directions: Decorate the tube with the crayons and construction paper. Insert your fingers in the bottom to make the puppet move.

Adaptations: Cut out photographs of the children and glue to the rollers to make puppets. Cut people out of magazines and catalogs to make puppets.

Tube Puppets


Materials: wire coat hangers, old panty hose, construction paper scraps, yarn, fabric, etc. glue, scissors, cloth tape

Directions: Stretch the coat hanger to make a diamond shape. Pull one leg of the hose over this and tie at the bottom. Bend the hook of the hanger and tape it to make a safe handle. Decorate with paper scraps, yarn, and other materials to make an animal or person.

Coat Hanger Puppets

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Materials: cotton glove, cotton balls, yarn, markers, felt scraps, small pom poms

Directions: Insert a cotton ball into each finger on the glove. Tie yarn around the cotton balls to make heads on the puppies. Cut small ovals out of the felt and glue on for ears. Add pom poms for noses, eyes, and other details.

Here’s a song to the tune of “Five Little Ducks.”

          Five little puppies went out to play,
          They rolled and romped in the grass all day.
          When mother dog barked,
          “Come have a bone.”
          One little puppy scurried home.

          Four little puppies went out…

          One little puppy went out to play.
          He rolled and romped in the grass all day.
          When mother dog barked, “Come have a bone.”
          He wagged his tail and scurried home!

Glove/Puppies Puppet

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