January 2009



People Puppets - Stick Puppets


       Old magazines or catalogs
       Craft sticks

People Puppets

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    Have children cut people from magazines and catalogs that resemble their family members. Tape to craft sticks to make puppets. Let them make up stories about their families with their puppets.

Adaptations: Take photographs of children and cut them out. Attach to craft sticks and use them for name songs, similar to those below.

   (Tune: "Farmer in the Dell")

        I have a friend at school.
        I have a friend at school.
        His/her name is child's name.
        I have a friend at school.

   (Tune: "Skip to My Lou")

        Hello, child's name, how are you?
        Hello, child's name, how are you?
        Hello, child's name, how are you?
        How are you this morning?

Let children use their people puppets for solving problems. They could use their own puppets to discuss a conflict, or they could exchange puppets and present the other person's point of view.

Have children cut athletes or other famous people out of the newspaper and tape them to straws. Why do they admire that person?

Cut storybook characters from old workbooks. Make puppets out of them and use them to retell stories.

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