January 2009



I Have A Cat - Envelope Puppet


       Glue, paper scraps, felt tip marker

Envelope Puppets

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    Cut the envelope in half as shown. Stick your fingers in the cut edge to make a hand puppet. Decorate with markers and paper scraps to look like a cat, dog, mouse, or other animal or person.

Here's an echo poem for the cat puppet:

             I have a cat. (Repeat) I have a cat.
                                          (Make fingers like whiskers.)
             My cat is fat. (Repeat) (Arms out in a circle.)
             My cat wears a hat. (Repeat) (Hands on head.)
             My cat sees a bat. (Repeat) (Clap thumbs fly hands.)
             My cat sees a rat. (Repeat) (Make fist & stick up baby finger.)
             I have a cat. (Repeat) (Fingers like whiskers.)
             MEOW! (Say this line together.)

Adaptations: Let children make envelope puppets of favorite characters from stories and use them for book talks.

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