January 2009


Puppets and Tails!

No matter how old you are, something magical happens when you put a puppet on your hand!  I can always count on teachers at my workshops to pick up the puppets on display, put them on a hand, and make them come alive!  Puppets can be used to capture children's attention, encourage language, reinforce skills, and extend literature.  I hope you'll enjoy making some of these puppets and saying their rhymes.  Puppets can also write a morning message to your students, lead them in a song, or teach them a rhyme.

Letter Tails

Thanks to Barb Smith (see photo below) for sharing her delightful "Letter Tails" book on my website this month.  It is soooooo AWESOME!  Children won't even realize they are learning as they sing and try to identify the different animals!  Barb suggests making a copy of the book in black and white and then reducing the pages so each child can have his or her own copy to take home. Click the link above to download the book.

You can find the song, Letter Tales, on the Just for Fun CD.


Happy reading and singing!

Dr. Jean

You will find suggestions and ideas on the following pages. Check out every one of them and choose the ones that you know your students will enjoy.

Downloads for October - We have downloadable files for you this month. Be sure to check them all. Look for some PowerPoints for songs on Totally Reading, some PDF files for Going Green with Dr. Jean, and a new classroom management tool. You will find some information on the page named Resources in the menu. You can also use the Downloads button in the menu to the left.

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