January 2009



Tiny Tim The Turtle - Paper Plate Puppet


       2 paper plates
       Old sock


   Draw the face of a turtle on the sock with markers as shown. Color the outside of both plates to resemble the shell of a turtle. Staple the plates together on the top and on the bottom. Insert the sock on your hand and stick it through the opening in the plate. Use it as you say the rhyme below:

             I had a little turtle.
             His name was Tiny Tim.
             I put him in the bathtub
             To see if he could swim.
             He drank up all the water.
             He ate up all the soap.
             And now he's sick in bed
             With bubbles in his throat.
             B-b-b-b-b-b! (Blow bubbles with lips.)

Adaptations: Pull the turtle's head inside the shell as you say:

            A little turtle lived in his shell.
            He liked his home very well.
            When he got hungry,
            He'd come out to eat. (Stick out sock head.)
            Then he'd go back
            Into his house to sleep.
                                     (Pull the sock back in the shell.)

   Use the turtle to quiet children and get their attention. Explain that Tiny Tim is very shy, and he'll only come out when they are quiet. When children are quiet, extend the sock and pretend to make the turtle look around.

Turtle Puppet

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