January 2009




2 paper plates
markers, crayons

Directions: Let the children decorate plates with markers or crayons. You could tie this in with a seasonal theme, use their names, shapes, letters, etc. Play some perky music and have children follow along as you clap to the beat of the music. Clap over your head. Clap down low. Tap on hips and shoulders. Play “follow the leader” where children make up movements with the plates as classmates follow along.


2 paper plates
dried beans or seeds
stapler, paints, markers, or crayons


Directions: Invite the children to decorate their plates. Staple the plates together around the outside rim leaving a 3” opening. Have each child get a handful of beans and insert them inside the plates. Staple the opening and shake, shake, shake!



2 plates

Directions: Give each child two plates. Demonstrate how to put these on the floor and place a foot on each plate. Play some slow music and encourage the children to “skate” by sliding their feet on the plates. Can they skate backwards? Can they skate sideways? Can they balance on one foot? Can they find a friend and hold hands and skate?

Adaptations: Children can also sit on plates and spin around. Or, they can scoot backwards like crabs.


Materials: paper plates, scissors, markers, crayons


Directions: This is a great self-checking game. Cut each plate in half like a puzzle. Write an uppercase letter on one half and the lowercase letter on the other half. Mix up the pieces and then challenge children to put the puzzles together.


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