January 2009



Materials: 1 paper plate, brad fastener markers, crayons, scissors


Directions: Cut a triangle out of the paper plate to make the mouth of the fish. Attach the triangle to the back with the brad fastener to make the tail. Add features with crayons or markers.


Materials: 1 paper plate, 5 brad fasteners, green construction paper markers, scissors


Directions: Color the paper plate to look like a turtle’s shell. Cut a head out of the green construction paper and 4 triangles for legs. Attach the head and legs with brad fasteners. Tuck them inside as you say this rhyme:
                     There was a turtle who lived in a shell.
                     He liked his home very well.
                     When he got hungry he came out to eat.
                     (Extend head and legs.)
                     Then he’d go back into his house to sleep.
                     (Tuck in legs and head.)


Materials: paper plates, magazines, newspapers, etc. scissors, glue



Directions: Let children make a collage of words they can read, food they like to eat, animals, etc. on the paper plate. Adaptations: You can also do other collages on paper plates with autumn leaves, wrapping paper, fabric, scrap paper, spices, textures, and so forth.

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