January 2009



Materials: 1 paper plate, pipe cleaner crayons, markers, paint


Directions: Color or paint the rim of the paper plate to look like a picture frame. Let children draw a picture of their family, their house, pet, etc. in the center of the plate. Punch a hole at the top and use the pipe cleaner for a hanger.


Materials: 2 paper plates, tissue paper, construction paper candy and small toys, string, stapler


Directions: Staple the 2 plates together leaving a 5” opening at the top. Decorate with construction paper and glue on tissue paper streamers. Insert the candy and toys and staple the opening. Tie a piece of string at the top and attach to the end of a broom or similar pole. Roll up three sheets of newspaper to make a bat to swing at the piñata. Blindfold children and let the fun begin!!!
Use piñatas for holiday parties by making pumpkins, turkeys, leprechauns, etc. from the plates.


Materials:paper plate, scissors, yarn


Directions: Cut slits around the rim of the paper plate. Children can weave the yarn through the slits to make designs.

Adaptations: Use black yarn and it will look like a spider web. Attach a plastic spider ring to the end of the yarn.

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