January 2009



Materials: 1 paper plate, construction paper markers or crayons, jumbo craft stick, tape


Directions: Cut holes for eyes out of the plate. (An adult will need to do this.) Let children add detail to the plate to make an animal or person. Tape a jumbo craft stick to the plate so children can hold the mask up to their face. Hint! Use these for book reports, to act out a story, to dramatize poems, or to enhance songs.


Materials: 1 paper plate, yarn or ribbon markers, stapler


Directions: Fold the plate in half and staple along the rim. Color with markers or crayons. Punch holes in the sides and tie on yarn or ribbon for a handle. Cut a slit along the top so notes, tissues, and other goodies can be tucked in the purse. Adaptation: You can make a doctor bag in a similar way.


Materials: 1 paper plate markers, crayons, scissors


Directions: Draw a snake’s head on the rim of the plate as shown. Draw a spiral to the center. Decorate with markers and then cut on the spiral. Hold up by the head and wiggle.

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