January 2009



Materials: paper plate, markers, hole punch, string


Directions: Cut a crescent shape out of the paper plate similar to the one shown. Let
the children decorate with markers. Hole punch the ends
and tie a piece of string to each hole. Place on the child’s
head and adjust.


Materials:2 plates, paper, scissors, markers, crayons glue, stapler, magazines, grocery advertisements


Directions:Using the plate as a pattern, cut circles out of the paper.
Let children cut food they like to eat out of the magazines and glue on the paper. Decorate a plate for the cover and add a title such as “Let’s Eat!” or “Good Food.”
Staple at the top to make a book.

Adaptation: Make a “Circle Book” by drawing or cutting objects that are circles
out of a magazine.

Make a “World Book” by coloring the plates like the earth.


Materials: paper plates, autumn leaves, glue, hole punch, yarn


Directions: Cut the inside out of a paper plate. Let children collect autumn leaves and glue them to the rim. Hole punch and tie on a piece of string for hanging.

Adaptations: Cut out holly leaves to make a Christmas wreath. Use red and pink hearts for a valentine wreath. Use real or paper flowers to make a spring wreath.

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