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Back Pack Boogie (118 KB pdf file)
Use this two-page pdf to create a
little book to give to your students. This
song is on the new Hello and Good Bye CD
available for download in
Dr. Jean's Song Store

If you use the Back Pack Boogie Booklet,
please consider completing our survey.
The link to the survey is on the home page.

Back Pack Boogie - Instructions (2.2 MB pdf file)
Illustrated instructions for printing and
assembling booklet.

Back Pack Boogie (1.1 MB pdf file)
This file prints a larger book.

I Know an Old Man (404 KB pdf file)
This book accompanies a song from the
CD Totally Reading

Deck the Room (790 KB pdf file)
This book accompanies a song from the
CD Totally Reading

Camp K Ideas from SD and MN (168 KB pdf file)
Lots of great ideas with illustrations
from teachers who attended Camp K

Three Brave Hunters (75 KB pdf file)
This book accompanies a song from the
CD Totally Reading

Optional download - If the links above don't work, try these:

Back Pack Boogie 2-page pdf, makes 14 page booklet

Back Pack Boogie Instructions

Back Pack Boogie - larger book

I Know an Old Man

Deck the Room

Camp K SD and MN

Three Brave Hunters

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