January 2009



Backpack Boogie Booklet Instructions

You may download a two-page pdf file this month that will make a 14-page booklet which you can give to each of your students as a gift from you and from Dr. Jean. Go to the Downloads section for this month using the menu at the left and get the Backpack Boogie file. (Note: You can also find a file there that contains these instructions.) The song, "Back Pack Boogie" is on the CD All Day Long and on the new downloadable collection, Hello and Good Bye. Both CDs are available in Dr. Jean's Song Store.

You will need to print the two-page file on both sides of a single sheet of paper. If you have not done this kind of printing before, you may need to experiment to learn how to put the paper back in your printer so that it prints the second page with the tops of the pages both on the same end of the paper. Printers vary a great deal in the way they handle two-sided printing. There are too many printer brands and models for us to be able to provide specific instructions for this part.

For the first page, print from page 1 to page 1, and for the second page, print from page 2 to page 2.

Once you have the two pages printed correctly on a single sheet of paper, trim all four of the edges. You will see a faint, gray line to use as a guide.

Trim the edges

After trimming the edges, cut horizontally between the rows of pages.

Don’t cut vertically.

Cut horizontally

Once you have all the pages cut, you can assemble your book.

Use the page numbers to put the pages together in order. This photo shows the order for the cut sheets. The one at the top will be the bottom of your pile.

Stack the pages in order

Check the next photo to see how the pages stack.

Stack the pages in order (close up)

Fold the booklet in half using the vertical lines as a guide. The lines are light gray. They should be visible if you check closely. Read the booklet to determine that all of the pages are in the correct order. If they are not, then rearrange them so that they are in order.

Next, staple the booklet in the middle on the fold. Or, you might just use a paperclip.

You now have a booklet all ready to give to one of your students. There is a place on the back cover for the student’s name.

If you wish, print enough so that you can make a booklet for each student and send them home. If you are lucky enough to work in a school with a good copy machine, you might be able to get one book printed on both sides and then use the copy machine to copy two-sided to two-sided.

Finished booklet

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