January 2009


A- Alphabet Art


crayons, paper


Draw a large letter in the middle of the paper. Turn the paper all around. What object, animal, person, or place does it look like? Use crayons to "camouflage” the letter to make it look like something.


Challenge children to create an object out of the letter that begins with that sound. Tie in with units of study or seasonal themes. For example: make something out of "100” for the "Hundred Day Celebration,” or make something out of a shamrock on St. Patrick's Day.

More! Cut apples in half diagonally and do apple prints for A.

3d Junk

B- Bubble Painting


mixing bowl, dish detergent (Joy), straw, water, food color, paper


Put 1 cup of water in the bowl. Add a squirt of dish detergent. Take a straw and blow bubbles in the bowl. When the bubbles start overflowing, squirt drops of food coloring on the top of the bubbles, and then lay the paper on top. The bubbles will pop and create a design.


Make crayon bundles for B. Wrap a rubber band around 3 or 4 crayons and draw designs on a sheet of paper. You can also do bubble wrap prints for B. Paint on bubble wrap, and then lay a sheet of paper on top and rub to make a design.

4a Kisses

C - Complete the Picture


crayons, paper, glue, old magazines


Cut out pictures of large objects from magazines. Next, cut the objects in half. Glue one of the halves to one side of a sheet of paper. Now, complete the picture by coloring the missing half with crayons.


Use markers instead of crayons

More! Collages from cotton and other media can also be used for C.

4b Little

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