January 2009



V - Vegetable Prints


carrots, celery, green pepper, okra and other firm vegetables and fruits, paint, paper plate, paper towels, paper


Cut fruits and vegetables in half diagonally.   Drain on a paper towel to eliminate excess juice.  Put paint in the paper plate.  Dip vegetables in the paint and press on the paper.


Cut a potato in half.  Carve out a design from the end section of the potato.  Drain, dip in paint, and print.


W - Wheel Painting


toy cars, trucks, and other vehicles with wheels, paint, paper, paper plates


Put a small amount of paint in the paper plates.  Dip the wheels of the vehicles in the paint, and then "drive” them across the paper.


You can also do weaving for W.

Here's another fun art activity for W.  Give children rubber fishing worms and dip them in paint.  Wiggle across a sheet of paper to make designs.


X - Marks the Spot


brown paper grocery bags, crayons or markers


Cut paper sacks into 8” x 10” sections.  Have children wad up the sacks and squish them until they look like old parchment.  Children put an "X” on their paper and then draw a treasure map with crayons or markers.

X Marks

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