January 2009




Good Morning Song

Hello Song
(Tune: “Skip to My Lou” – Silly Songs CD)

Hello, how are you? (Wave hand.)
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
How are you this morning?

I am fine, and I hope you are, too. (Point to self, then a friend.)
I am fine, and I hope you are, too.
I am fine, and I hope you are, too.
I hope you are, too, this morning.

Turn to your neighbor, and shake their hand. (Shake hands.)
Turn to your neighbor, and shake their hand.
Turn to your neighbor, and shake their hand.
Shake their hand this morning.


We Love Our Flag
Use this song to prepare children to say the Pledge.
(Tune: “The Farmer in the Dell”)

We love our flag.
We love our flag.
We love America
And we love our flag.
Red, white, and blue,
Red, white, and blue,
The colors of our country’s flag
Are red, white, and blue.
50 stars of white
On a field of blue
Stand for 50 states
Where we live, it’s true.
Thirteen stripes
In red and white
Stand for the colonies
For freedom they did fight.
We love our flag…

Calendar Song

Happy Days
(Tune: “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain” – All Day Long CD)

When you’re glad it’s Sunday, clap your hands. (Clap hands.)
When you’re glad it’s Sunday, clap your hands.
Let’s spell Sunday. It’s a fun day.
S – U – N – D – A – Y.

Monday – Marvelous Monday - Stomp your feet. (Stomp feet.)
Tuesday – Terrific Tuesday - Nod your head. (Nod head.)
Wednesday – Wonderful Wednesday - Blink your eyes. (Blink.)
Thursday – Thrilling Thursday - Snap your fingers. (Snap fingers.)
Friday – Fantastic Friday – Bounce around. (Bounce to the beat.)
Saturday – Super Saturday - Shout, “Hooray!” (Put fist in air.)

Math Songs

Money Song

(Tune: “Shortnin’ Bread” – Is Everybody Happy CD)

Chorus: I like money to buy things at the store. (Point to self.)
Money, money, money, I always want more! (Palms up and shake.)

A penny’s worth one cent. (Hold up 1 finger.)
A nickel’s worth five. (Hold up 5 fingers.)
A dime’s worth ten cents. (Hold up 10 fingers.)
A quarter’s twenty-five. (Open and shut hands for 25.)

Lincoln’s on one cent.
Jefferson’s on five.
Roosevelt’s on ten cents.
Washington’s on twenty-five.

A building’s on one cent.
A building’s on five.
A torch is on ten cents.
An eagle’s on twenty-five.

Found a Penny
(Tune: “Found a Peanut” - Totally Math CD)

Found a penny, found a penny, found a penny just now.
It is round and brown and shinny (Hold up real coins or cut outs
Found a penny just now. as you sing.)
I see Lincoln, I see Lincoln, our sixteenth president,
On the back is his Memorial
Penny, penny’s worth one cent.

Found a nickel, found a nickel, found a nickel just now.
It is round and fat and silver
Found a nickel just now.
I see Jefferson, I see Jefferson, our third president
On the back his Monticello
Nickel, nickel’s worth five cents.

Found a dime, found a dime, found a dime just now.
It is thin and small and silver,
Found a dime just now.
I see Roosevelt, I see Roosevelt, our thirty-second president
On the back is a torch.
One dime is worth ten cents.

Found a quarter, found a quarter, found a quarter just now.

It’s the largest of all the coins,
Found a quarter just now.
I see Washington, I see Washington, our first president
On the back the bald eagle;
Quarter’s worth twenty-five cents.

Found a dollar, found a dollar, found a dollar just now.
It has a picture of George Washington
And it’s worth one hundred cents.

Five pennies equal a nickel; ten pennies equal a dime.
Twenty-five pennies in a quarter,
Two nickels equal a dime.
Five nickels in a quarter, or a nickel and two dimes;
Four quarters in a dollar
And a dollar equals ten dimes.

Phonics Songs

Sing and Sign
(Tune: “Where Is Thumbkin?” – Sing to Learn CD)

Where is A? (Hands behind back.)
Where is A?
Here I am. (Make sign for “a.”)
Here I am.
What do you say, A?
What do you say, A?
/a/, /a/, /a/.
/a/, /a/, /a/.

Continue using other letters
and making the manual signs.

Pepperoni Pizza
(Tune: “I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas” – Silly Songs CD)

I like to eat, eat, eat,
Pepperoni pizza.
I like to eat, eat, eat,
Pepperoni pizza.

Sing with the long “A” vowel sound, then “E,” “I,” “O,” and “U.”

The Opposite Song
(Tune: “Shortnin’ Bread” – Keep on Singing and Dancing CD)

We can do opposites, opposites, opposites.
We can do opposites follow me.

Top and bottom… (Act out motions.)
Front and back…
Happy and sad…
Left and right…
Up and down…
Loud and soft…
Open and shut…
Stand and sit…and put them in your lap!

Science/Social Studies

The Presidents
(Tune: “Ten Little Indians” – Sing to Learn CD)

Washington Adams Jefferson Madison
Monroe Adams Jackson Van Buren
Harrison Tyler Polk Taylor
Filmore Pierce and Buchanan
Lincoln Johnson Grant Hayes
Garfield Arthur Cleveland Harrison
Cleveland McKinley Roosevelt Taft Wilson Harding and Cooledge

Hoover Roosevelt Turman Eisenhower
Kennedy Johnson Nixon Ford
Carter Reagan Bush Clinton
Bush and Obama

Wiggle and Have FUN Song

Granny at the Fair
(Just for FUN CD)

My granny went (Echo chant. Children repeat each line.)
To the county fair.
And she bought
A rocking chair. (Begin rocking back and forth.)
And she rocked, and she rocked, and she rocked, and she rocked.

And she bought a fan there… (Begin fanning yourself with right hand.)
And she bought some scissors there…(Cut with left hand.)
And she bought some gum… (Begin chewing.)
And she blew a bubble there…
And she blew, and she blew, and she blew, and POP! (Extend hands by mouth.)

Wally Acha
(Keep on Singing and Dancing CD)

Wally acha, (Slap thighs twice, then shuffle right hand over left.)
Wally acha (Slap thighs twice, then shuffle left hand over right.
Doodley do, (Right hand on nose and left hand on right ear.)
Doodley do. (Left hand on nose and right hand on left ear.)
Wally acha, wally acha, (Continue with above pattern.)
Doodley do, doodley do.
It’s a simple little song there’s not much to it,
All you’ve got to do is doodley do it.
Wally acha, wally acha,
Doodley, doodley do. Poo poo!

Seasonal Songs

Groundhog Day – February 2nd
(Tune: “Turkey in the Straw” – Happy Everything CD)

February 2nd,
Is Groundhog Day.
Gather round his hole
To hear what he’ll say.
Will spring be early
Or late this year?
Watch and listen
To what you’ll hear.
If he sticks his head out
On a sunny day.
His shadow will frighten him
And he will say,
“I’ll go back in my hole
And go back to sleep.
You’ll have winter
For six more weeks.”
If he sticks his head out
On a cloudy day.
He’s not frightened
So he will say,
“I think I’ll stay out
And the weather should clear.
Spring will be here
Early this year.”

Abraham Lincoln
(Tune: “Pop Goes the Weasel” – Happy Everything CD)

Abraham Lincoln, past President, (Give each child a penny to hold as you sing.)
Loved and honored by many.
To help us remember this famous man,
We put his face on a penny.
Hold a penny in your hand
And his face you’ll see.
He always tried to tell the truth.
He’s Honest Abe to me.

Bringing Home a Valentine
(Tune: “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee” – Happy Everything CD)

I’m bringing home a valentine for you. (Clasp hands and swing from side to side.)
One that says, “I love you.”
I’m bringing home a valentine for you.
With a great big hug, and a (kiss-kiss), too! (Hug self and then blow 2 kisses in the air.)

Good-Bye Song

(All Day Long CD)

Skinnamarinkydinkydink, (Right hand on left elbow, and then
Skinnamarinkydo. left hand on right elbow.)
I love you . (Point to self, cross arms on chest, and point to children)
Skinnamarinky do. I love you.
I love you in the morning, (Circle arms down low as if sun is rising.)
And in the afternoon. (Circle arms in front of you.)
Now, it’s time to go home, (Wave good-bye.)
But I’ll see you soon.
Oh, skinnamarinkydinkydink,
Skinnamarinky do. I love you.
I love you, too, boop op e do! (Hands on hips as you wiggle to the beat.)

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