Yearly Overview - September through November


Good Morning Rise and Shine
Transition Rules Rap
Calendar Days of the Week
Math Over in the Meadow
Math The First Twelve Days of School
Phonics Nursery Rhyme Rap
Phonics Alphardy
Science My Five Senses
Wiggle Cool Bear Hunt
Wiggle Silly Willy
Wiggle The Wheels on the Bus
Seasonal I Like to Come to School
Seasonal Super Star Chant
Seasonal Gray Squirrel
Good-Bye It Is Time to Say Good-Bye


Good Morning Twinkle Friends
Transition Have a Seat
Transition Dismissal Song
Calendar Macarena Months
Calendar Weather
Math Shape Song
Math Numeral Song
Phonics Letter Tails
Phonics Color Farm
Social Studies Oceans
Wiggle A Sailor Went to Sea
Wiggle Scarecrow
Seasonal Columbus Day
Seasonal Halloween Medley
Seasonal The Five Days of Halloween
Good-Bye Backpack Boogie


Good Morning Hello, Neighbor!
Transition Line Up Cadence
Transition Pencil Grip
Calendar Today is Sunday
Math Macarena Math
Phonics Seven Little Letters
Phonics Gumball
Social Studies The World Family
Wiggle Peanut Butter
Wiggle Mother Goony Bird
Wiggle She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain
Wiggle Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Seasonal Veteran's Day
Seasonal Albuquerque Turkey
Seasonal Over the River
Good-Bye Special Me

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