January 2009


Yearly Overview - December through February


Good Morning Shake a Hand
Transition Tidy Up
Calendar Mulberry Bush
Math Everybody Do a Pattern with Me
Phonics Holiday ABC
Phonics Compound Boogie
Social Studies The Continents
Social Studies Directions
Wiggle Let Me See You Boogaloo
Wiggle Bubblegum
Seasonal Jingle Bells
Seasonal SANTA
Seasonal My Dreidel
Seasonal Kwanzaa
Seasonal Over the River
Good-Bye The More We Get Together


Good Morning If You're Happy and You Know It
Transition Magic Words
Calendar Ring in the New Year
Math Zero the Hero
Math Addition Pokey
Phonics The Alphabet in My Mouth
Phonics Word Families
Science I Know a Scientist
Wiggle Couch Potato Pokey
Wiggle Button Factory
Wiggle Beaver Call
Seasonal I'm a Little Snowman
Seasonal Stand Up for Martin Luther King
Seasonal Seasonal Wanderings
Good-Bye What Did You Learn Today?


Good Morning Hello, How Are You?
Transition We Love Our Flag
Calendar Happy Days
Math Money Song
Math Found a Penny
Phonics Sing and Sign
Phonics Pepperoni Pizza
Phonics Opposites
Social Studies Presidents
Wiggle Granny at the Fair
Wiggle Wally Acha
Seasonal Groundhog Day
Seasonal Abraham Lincoln
Seasonal Bringing Home a Valentine
Good-Bye Skinnamarinkydinkydink


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