January 2009


Monthly Music Mix
Summer, 2009 -

“Now where is that song about shapes?” “I need a new good-bye song.” “What can I sing for St. Patrick’s Day?” How many times have people asked me how to organize their CDs? How many times have people called to ask about a song that will help reinforce a specific skill? Hopefully, this monthly music mix will help you throughout the year! (And, if you’re ever absent the substitute can just “sing” her way through the day!)

You will find a list of songs for each month in the school year starting with September. There are good morning songs, transition songs, calendar songs, math songs, phonics songs, seasonal songs, good-bye songs, and some wiggle and fun songs for brain breaks. You’ll want to add your own favorites as well as songs by other musicians, but this will get you started. If you do this over your summer break, you’ll be organized, and it will be one less thing to worry with once your busy school year gets going. We have a separate download for each month in our Downloads section.

Here are several options for using this information:

  1. Download the files for each month and print the songs and lyrics. (Most go to familiar tunes). Put them in a three ring notebook with tabs marking each month.

  2. If you already own many of my CDs, then you can just burn a CD to use each month. Put the list in a clear sheet protector and then just drop in your monthly CD.

  3. If you would like to purchase a download each month with the selections listed, you can click here. You can order by the month, or you can order a set for the entire year. Each monthly selection with at least 15 songs is $9.99. Nine downloads for the entire year is $79.99.

Note! Every state and grade level has a unique curriculum and scope and sequence. I tried to build on skills where possible, and I also tried to integrate songs with seasonal events. Look at your curriculum’s scope and sequence for the year and shuffle the songs around to meet your specific goals and themes.

Monthly Mix
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You will find suggestions and ideas on the following pages. Check out every one of them.

Downloads for June - We have downloadable files for you this month. There is a pdf file for each month that corresponds to the titles in each month's mix. Be sure to check them all. You will also find a PowerPoint and a chart. Just use the Downloads button in the menu to the left.

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