January 2009


Singing Standards

These are some of my favorite quotes that validate the importance of music EVERY day and ALL day in your classroom:

“Music is the most convenient way to learn anything.” Dr. Pat Wolfe

“People sing because they’re happy, and they’re happy because they sing!”

“Music forgives a multitude of sins. That’s why you should start and end your day with a song.”

“Children’s brains light up like a Christmas tree when they are engaged in music.”

“For thousands of years people have used music to lighten their loads… Music is a way to help us love each other!” Pete Seeger

Here are ten other great reasons to SING!
( You can get a chart with the ten reasons in Downloads

  1. Music is multi-sensory. The more senses you get going to the brain, the more likely the message will get there.
  2. If children are exposed to concepts while singing, it is easier for them to learn them when they are formally introduced.
  3. Music activates the brain. It can be used as an “indicator” to help children know what to expect and energize learning.
  4. Music nurtures phonological awareness (alliteration, rhyme, rhythm, etc.).
  5. Songs and chants are a natural way to develop oral language, auditory memory, and fluency.
  6. Poems and songs lay a foundation for common knowledge.
  7. Children are able to use their imaginations and create pictures in their brains when they sing. This is an important part of reading comprehension.
  8. Repetition is a key to learning. It is much more fun to repeat songs than worksheets!
  9. Singing and dancing relieve stress and oxygenate the brain.
  10. Through music and movement ALL children can feel successful. A “community of learners” is enhanced when teachers and children enjoy something together!

Download these ten great reasons to sing!

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