Summer 2007
Camp Kindergarten Kapers


Flower Power - Pencils won’t "walk off" or disappear with this idea. Make flower pencils by wrapping florist tape around a silk flower as shown. Store these in a flower pot on work tables.

Flower Power Pencil

I Know an Old Man Who Swallowed Letters - Jill Thomas of Huntersville, NC, made an adorable visual for “The Old Man Who Swallowed Letters.” A paper plate could be used in a similar way for the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.

Swallowed Letters Swallowed Letters

Mother Goose Olympics - How about Mother Goose Olympics to end your school year or a unit on the nursery rhymes?

             Jack Be Nimble - jump over cones
             Hey Diddle Diddle - spoon race
             Mother Goose - waddle
             Jack and Jill - water relay
             To Market to Market - abc order

For more information click here to go to Hubbards Cupboard.

Draw a Turkey Poem - Here’s a poem for Thanksgiving from Cheryl Spradlin of Lindsay, OK. Take a look at the figure of a turkey she draws as she says the rhyme.

Gobble, gobble!
Who is that?
Mr. Turkey big and fat.
Gobble, gobble!
What did he say?
Meet me on Thanksgiving Day!

Gobble Gobble