Summer 2007
Camp Kindergarten Kapers



Oh, my, oh, my! Camp Kindergarten 2007 was like a dream come true! Can you imagine the excitement and great ideas that happen when you have a room full of the BEST and BRIGHTEST teachers from all over the United States (Canada and Bermuda, too) in one room?

These are some AWESOME ideas that different teachers shared. If you wrote your name on the paper with your idea, I gave you credit. Otherwise, you’ll know who you are and can pat yourself on the back. Thank you for allowing me to pass on your fantastic ideas with other teachers!

Teachers attending Camp Kindergarten were among the first to hear songs from my new CD, Totally Reading. We are providing links to three books to accompany Totally Reading. Just click a link to download the book. Files are in Word or Acrobat Reader format. Thanks to Sandy Elsasser for her work on the books.

Tools of Good Readers (Word 375 KB)

Tools of Good Readers (Adobe Acrobat 436 KB)

Reading Tool Cards

Pepperoni Pizza

Ring of Songs - Gail Clark laminates CD covers and attaches them to a book ring. That way she can quickly find the CD and song she is looking for.

CD Covers Ring of Songs

Kindergarten Kindness Ticket - Here’s another wonderful idea from Gail Clark. She runs off “Kindergarten Kindness Tickets” for her children to give to their classmates. (Gail teaches at a Christian school so there is a Bible verse at the bottom of her tickets. You could easily adapt these for public school.) What a great way to create some positive energy in your classroom!

Kindness Ticket