Summer 2007
Camp Kindergarten Kapers


Letter Bears - I don’t know who gave me this idea for letter bears, but I love it! First you cut 26 bears out of brown construction paper. Label each bear with a letter (upper and lowercase). Mix up the bears and sing this song to the tune of “Brown Bear” or “Twinkle Little Star.”

     Aa bear, Aa bear, what do you see?
     I see Mm bear looking at me.
     Mm bear, Mm bear, what do you see?
     I see Pp bear looking at me…
     End with: Zz bear, Zz bear what do you see? I see no bears looking at me.

Letter Bears

Pencil Cheer - Pretend to sharpen a pencil in an electric sharpener as you make a buzzing sound. Blow off the end and then point it at a child as you say, “You’re sharp.”

Backwards Firecracker - Teachers from St. Marcus Lutheran outside of Milwaukee said that they do the fire cracker cheer backwards. Ahh - wiggle fingers Clap hands Bring palms down as you “ssssssss.”

Pound with a Sparkle - These same teachers taught me the “pound with a sparkle” cheer. Make a fist with your right hand and touch knuckles with your partner. Pull fingers away with a jazzy wiggle and a sizzle. I also thought that this could be a new handshake called “pop and sizzle.”