Summer 2007
Camp Kindergarten Kapers


Looking Good, Stephanie, Looking Good - Stephanie from Texas goes around her class and does the “looking good” cheer using children’s names. For example:

     (Make an invisible square/mirror in the air as you say...)
Looking good, child’s name. (Pretend to fluff hair on one side.)
      Looking good! (Pretend to fluff hair on the other side.)

ATTENTION PLEASE! - Here’s a new idea to focus children’s attention. When the teacher says, “Teaching,” the children circle a finger around their heads and say, “Learning!”

Salami - Kati Ford of Hilton Head Prep School uses the acronym for SALAMI to get her students’ attention. When she says, “SALAMI” the kids know she means:


Park Right! - I shared an idea for matching numerals and sets using a parking lot and toy cars. Kari from Nashville does a similar activity for matching names and pictures. Kari attaches a small picture of each student to the top of a play car with Velcro. She draws out a parking lot on a poster board and writes each child’s name in a space. Children pretend they are driving the cars and park them in the correct place. Cars can also be used to match pictures and words. Write a vowel on a car and a picture and CVC word in a parking space. Children drive the correct vowel car to each spot.

Parking Vowels