Poetry Club

Encourage auditory memory and oral language by starting a "Poetry Club" in your classroom.  Explain that anyone who stands up in front of the class and recites a nursery rhyme or poem can be a member of the "Poetry Club."  (You might want to model reciting a poem for them.)  After children have recited their poems, let them sign their name on a poster that says "Poetry Club."  You can also design a special membership card for members of the Poetry Club. Click to download membership cards.


Plan a poetry party for your students called the "Poetry Café."  Involve children in planning refreshments, making decorations, writing invitations, etc.  Encourage each child to memorize and practice a poem that she can recite at the party. 

You could also end each week on a positive note by having a "poetry slam" the last fifteen minutes each Friday.

Hint!  Explain that sometimes in coffee houses, instead of clapping the audience would "snap" for the poets.  Demonstrate "snapping" for the poets in your room.



There are so many things in the world we have no control over, and there are so many things children need to be protected from.  We can't always shield children from negative forces, but we can give each child a poem to keep in her heart.  A poem that can comfort her, make her feel secure, give her hope, give her courage, and, most of all…make her SMILE!

Although we teach in an educational system that is skill- based, it is O.K. to include something in your curriculum just because it brings you JOY!  And if it brings you joy, be assured of this…your students will feel it, too!

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