Personal Poetry Books

"Your Students Can Make Their Own Books "


Reinforce reading skills, book ownership, and a love of poems by letting each child create her own "Personal Poetry Book."  You will need a three-ring notebook or pocket folder for each child.


First, let the children decorate their poetry books with markers, crayons, and other art media.  Each week prepare a copy of a new poem, song, or rhyme that relates to a classroom theme or something children are interested in. 

Write the poem on a large poster or pocket chart and prepare individual copies of the poems for children.  (Increase the font size and double space between the words to accommodate the children's visual needs.) 

Introduce the poem on Monday as a shared reading experience.  Reread the poem several times.  During small group work, give each child a copy of the poem.  Have her illustrate the poem, and then hole punch and put it in her notebook.  Use during the week for:

            Rereading (large or small group)

            Highlighting high frequency words, rhymes, punctuation, etc.

            Independent reading

            Partner reading

On Friday, let children take home their poetry books.  Ask them to read the poem to someone in their family over the weekend.  Encourage parents to sign their name and write their "comments and compliments" on each poem.

Hint!  Do not put illustrations on these poems.  Let the children use their imaginations and create their own pictures for the poems!

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