Poetry Pointers

Pointers will help focus children's attention as they track a line of print from left to right. You can make large pointers for group instruction or individual pointers for the children to use with their Personal Poetry Books.

Magic Pointer - Cover a cardboard roller from a pants hanger with holographic paper or aluminum foil.  Roll the end in glue and dip it in glitter.

Finger Pointer - Stuff a garden glove with fiber fill.  Glue down the fingers so the glove looks like it is pointing and attach it to a wooden dowel with a pipe cleaner.

Wooden Spoon - Decorate the end of a wooden spoon with a face and use it to track print.

Toy Pointer  - Glue a plastic toy or a small stuffed animal to the end of a wooden dowel.

Pencil Pointer - Keep novelty pencils in a cup at your reading center and let children choose their favorite to help them read.

Flashlight Pointer  - Turn off the lights and point to words with a flashlight.

Bugle Pointer - Let children put a bugle corn chip on their finger. They get to eat it after they read!

Harry Potter Pointer - Give children a wooden chopstick. Let them dip the end in glue, then roll it in glitter.  Terrific!

Magic Eye - Glue a wiggly eye to a jumbo craft stick.  Children keep their "eye" on the word as they read the poem.

Coffee stirrers, straws, swizzle sticks, decorative florist sticks, and other unique items can be used to perk children's interest!

Hint!  Put a dot under each word in poems you use with your class.  This will encourage children to track the words as you read.

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