Read It Again and Again!

Poetry is a perfect vehicle for enhancing fluency, expression, and comprehension.  Research suggests that children should reread a text three or four times for best results, and your students won't be bored rereading if you add a little "spice" with these techniques:

Shadow - The teacher reads a line and then children echo it.

Say What?  Read the text the wrong way.  When children hear you make a mistake they shout, "Say what?" and then repeat it correctly.

Popcorn - The teacher begins reading.  When the teacher says, "Popcorn!" the children must take over.

Opera - Stretch out words as you sing them.

Hint!  Have children sing poems, and then have them "read" the words to songs.

Rap - Clap, snap, or get a beat as you read.

Three Bears - Read it like papa bear with a deep voice, then like mama bear with a prissy voice, and finally baby bear with a squeaky voice.

Mouse - Use a whisper voice.

Underwater - Vibrate index finger in between your lips.

With a Cold - Hold your nose.

Emotions - Read the poem with a "happy" voice, "sad" voice, "scared" voice, "angry" voice, or with other emotions.

Tone - Have children select the "voice" that fits a poem best.

Like a Boss - Children push back their chair, put their feet on their desk, fold their arms, and "sit like a boss" as they read.

Cowboy - Turn chair around and straddle it like a horse.

Backwards - Post poems on the back wall of the classroom.  Children turn "backwards" and read. 

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