This is the handout from the presentation my daughter, Hollynd Karapetkova, and I presented at the International Reading Association, San Antonio, TX, May, 2005. We have another illustrated book for you this month, too. Keep looking until you find it.

A Poem

By Hollynd Karapetkova


A poem, a poem

Is a very special thing.

It takes the words

And makes them sing.

A poem is easy,

A poem is fun!

Anyone can do it-

Let's all write one!

A poem is a present,

A poem is a treat

With words piled like ice-cream

In your bowl to eat!

A poem, a poem

Is a treasure and an art

So always carry one

With you in your heart.


It's true!  We keep songs and poems that we learn when we are young in our hearts all our lives.  Indeed, some of the first words we hear are the lullabies and lap rhymes our parents say to us as infants. 


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