November 2004

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WHY? letters, words, math facts, and other skills

WHAT? small can with a smooth edge (such as one from chips, frosting), poster board cut into 30 - 2 1/2" x 5" rectangles, markers, construction paper

HOW? Cover the can with construction paper and draw a silly ogre face similar to the one shown on the can.
On the bottom of 26 cards print the letters of the alphabet. On the other four cards draw the face of an ogre. You can download four Ogre cards by clicking here.
Place all the cards in the can with the letters and faces towards the bottom of the can. Have the children sit in a circle.
One at a time, children hold the can and pull out a card and identify the letter on the bottom. (You can also ask them to reproduce the sound or think of a word that starts with that letter.)
When a child chooses a card with an Ogre on it, they get to make a mean face and growl as they return all their cards to the can.
Continue passing the can until there is one person left.
Hint! If children can't identify the information on their card, let them "phone a friend" for the answer.

















MORE? Adapt this game for words, numerals, math facts, colors, shapes, or other skills you are working on.
Allow children to play this game in small groups or check it out and take it home to play with their parents.
You can change this game for different holidays or units of study.
For example, in October you could use skeleton stickers and the children could "shake their bones;" in December use Santa pictures and go "Ho- ho-ho"

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