November 2004

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WHY? letters, sounds, math facts, contractions, antonyms

WHAT? spatula, poster board, markers

HOW? Cut 3 1/2" circles out of poster board. Write uppercase letters on one side
and lowercase letters on the other. Place the circles on the floor or a table. Children name the letter on one side, and then flip it over to self-check.
Hint! Craft foam and corrugated cardboard also make good flippers.

















Write words on one side and glue matching pictures on the back.
Write children's names on one side and glue their picture on the back.
Put pictures on one side and initial consonants or vowels on the back.
Put sets, number words, or math facts on one side and the answer
on the reverse.
Write antonyms on opposite sides.
Write two words on the front and the contraction on the back.

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