November 2004

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WHY? letters, numerals, shapes, colors, high frequency words

WHAT? flashcards, number or letter cards, shape cards, colors

HOW? Allow the children to take off their shoes for this game. Divide the class into two teams and have them form two lines facing each other.
Spread flashcards on the floor in between the two teams. One player from each team comes forward.
Call out a word. The first child to "stomp" on that word with their foot gets a point for their team.
The first two children return to their teams and two more children come to the front of the room.
Call out another word. The first child to "stomp" on it gets a point for their team. The game continues as different children try to be the first to "stomp" on words.

Hint! Tally the points on the board as the game is played.
Adapt this game for colors, letters, numbers and other skills.

You can play a similar game called "pick up" where you call out a word
and the first child to pick it up gets a point for their team.

Another version is called "swat it." You will need two fly swatters to play this game.

Write numerals or words on the chalkboard. One child from each team comes forward and holds a fly swatter. The teacher calls out a math problem, and their first child to "swat" (hit) the correct answer earns a point for their team.

Touch Something

WHY? kinesthetic learning

WHAT? no materials are needed

HOW? Call out a letter. Have children look around the room. When they see that letter, they may stand up and go touch it. Continue calling out different letters for the children to identify.
Make sounds and have children touch something that begins with that sound.

Call out colors, shapes, rhyming words, numbers, etc. for children to touch.

Play this game out on the playground.

You can also use this game for comprehension. Have children find the main character in a book and touch it. Can they find other details in the story and touch the picture?

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