November 2004

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Show Me

WHY? sets, math facts, inequalities, place value, number stories

WHAT? 3" x 5" index cards or paper cut in 3" squares, paper clip, zip bag or envelope, markers

HOW? Each child will need a set of cards with the numerals 1-5 or 0-10 written on them. (Adapt the number of cards to the skill level of your students.) Paper clip the cards together and have children keep them in a zip bag or envelope. When you have a few extra minutes, ask the children to place their cards on their desk or table in numerical order. Use the cards in activities similar to those described below. As children hold up the correct card, you can tell "at a glance" who has grasped the concept and who needs additional help.

Sets - Clap out sets or make another noises or motions. Tell children to listen, count, and "show me" how many. You can also make sets on a flannel board and have the children show the matching numeral.

Math Facts - Call out math facts and have children hold up the answer.

Ordinal Position - Which one is second? Which one is first?
Mystery Number - Which number comes between 4 and 6? What is two more than seven? How many cents in a nickel? How many noses at your table?



Place Value - "Show me" three tens and eight ones. How many?

Number Stories - I was walking down the road and I found 3 pennies.
I kept walking and found 4 more. How many do I have in all? (Have children make up their own number stories for classmates to solve.)


Adaptations: Give each child two index cards. Write "yes" on one and "no" on the other. Use these to review information. The teacher asks questions as the children answer by holding up "yes" or "no." This insures that everybody in the room is actively engaged.

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