November 2004

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WHY? visual skills, environmental print, letter matching, sets and numerals

WHAT? cardboard cut in 3" squares, stickers, markers, zip bag

HOW? Take 10 cardboard squares and put like stickers (or draw like pictures) on two of the squares.

Place the cards face down on the floor or on a table. One at a time, children turn over two cards.

If the stickers on the cards match, then they may keep the pair and have another turn. If the cards do not match, then the next person may have a turn.

Children must use visual memory skills to try and remember where matching pairs are.
Hint! Start with 10 cards and increase the amount as children become more successful.

















MORE? Use holiday and seasonal stickers to make concentration games.

Make games from food boxes. Cut the fronts and backs off the boxes.
First, have children match up the fronts and backs from the boxes. Then place the boxes face down on the floor and use them to play a concentration game. (Trim the boxes so they are a similar size.)
Make concentration games where children match upper and lowercase letters, sets and numerals, rhyming pictures, objects that go together (shoe and sock, comb and brush), and so forth.

Old Maid cards and playing cards can also be used for concentration.

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