Materials: playground ball, large box or laundry basket

1. Have the children form a circle with the basket or box placed in the middle.
2. First, let the children take turns trying to throw the ball into the basket.
3. Next, divide the children into two teams and let them try to make points for their team by throwing the ball into the basket.


Materials: none

1. Two lines are draw approximately 40 feet apart.
2. The children are the "chickens" and line up behind one of the lines.
One child is the wolf and stands between the two lines.
3. The wolf pretends to be a chicken and says, "Cluck, cluck" and flaps his or her arms. But when the wolf shouts, "Wolf," all the chickens must run to the other line. If the wolf tags them, they must become wolves, too, and help the wolf catch the other chickens.
4. The game continues until all the chickens are caught. The last one caught becomes the wolf for the next game.
* A similar game called "sharks and minnows" can be played. Have the minnows get behind a line as the shark tries to catch them when "shark" is called.


Materials: none

1. Two lines are draw 30 feet apart. The children stand behind one line while "it" stands on the opposite line.
2. "It" turns his or her back to the other players and calls out, "One, two, three, red light!" On this signal, "it" turns and faces the other players. If anyone is caught moving, the player is sent back to the starting line.
3. The first one to tag "it" becomes the new leader.


Materials: none

1. Divide the children into groups of four or five.
2. Each group thinks of a statue they can make with their bodies. (Let them think of a title for their statue, too.)
3. Groups perform their statue for their classmates, while classmates try to guess what their title or theme might be.
* Increase the size of the groups to see how many people they can incorporate into their statue.

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