Materials: none

1. Divide the children into teams with five or six players on each.
2. Have the players line up single file behind a line and run one at a time to a designated point and back. The first player tags the second player, who then runs the distance.
3. The first team to have all players run is the winner.


Materials: ball, whistle

1. Children stand in a circle and pass around the ball (hot potato).
2. When you blow the whistle, the child holding the ball must leave the circle.
3. The game is played until there is just one child left standing.
* This game can be adapted easily to play inside. Have the children sit in a circle and pass a beanbag while you play music. When the music stops, the one holding the beanbag is out of the game.


Materials: none

1. Children line up with their backs to a wall.
2. One person is "mother" and stands about 30 feet in front of the others.
3. One at a time "mother" names a child and tells them a different motion they must perform. For example, baby steps, scissor steps, twirls, giant steps, or frog leaps. The child must remember to ask, "Mother, may I?" before performing the movement or he or she is sent back to the starting line.
4. The first one to reach "mother" becomes the next "mother."

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